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  • Prof. T. Aziz, neurosurgeon, Oxford, UK: Seeing these Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation probes is very exciting, I didn’t believe it would be possible to make them.

  • Prof. V. Visser-Vandewalle, neurosurgeon, Maastricht, The Netherlands: I was waiting for these innovations. The new device and image-based solutions are exactly what I need to treat my patients better.

  • Neurologist Prof. G. Deuschl, neurologist, Kiel, Germany: I am very impressed with your concepts! Apart from the obvious clinical benefits, this will open up many new research opportunities.

  • Prof. L. Mallet, psychiatrist, Paris, France: We were dreaming of this and now you are making it!

  • Dr. F. Amtage, neurologist, Freiburg, Ger.: Your high resolution system has great potential for existing and emerging DBS indications, as these need very precise location of the stimulation to avoid side effects.

Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation is driven to give more people back their active lives